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Vanguard Of War pledge level

Vanguard of War core game
+ Delta Squad Expansion
+ All unlocked stretch goals!
This pledge does not include shipping. You will be asked to confirm your choice and pay for shipping via Pledge Manager.

Details here KS PAGE 

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If you missed the Kickstarter, do not worry! There's still time! 
Click here to purchase a LATE VANGUARD OF WAR PLEDGE

If you have already pledged via the Kickstarter, even for $1, do not late pledge here. We got your email from Kickstarter and we will send you a pledge manager link when it goes live.

For full details about VANGUARD OF WAR, please visit our KS page 

Late backers will receive same perks as KS backers including all unlocked stretch goals that were reached during the campaign but excluding Pale Rider expansion which will be able to be added manually via Pledge Manager if you chose to do so. You will receive an email with your Pledge Manager link once it goes live where you will be able to enter your shipping address, purchase Add-Ons and pay for shipping.

If you want more than one LATE VANGUARD OF WAR PLEDGE, please only back once and you will be able to increase your order in our pledge manager once it goes live.