Dungeons & Lasers Fantasy Starter Set - 5E compatible terrain available in-store, now!

Ahhh, a new face? Welcome! You're about to go on an adventure of a lifetime! But first, take a seat, and let me introduce our magical world.

Fantasy Starter Set is a huge pack of plastic modular terrain with thematic scenery perfect for tabletop RPG games. Dungeons & Lasers is loved by board gamers, fantasy enthusiasts, diorama, and miniature painters. During all three successful Kickstarter campaigns, 15000 backers have supported our projects. Each edition of Dungeons & Lasers came with new features, themes, and technology improvements. And it is finally available to get a retail copy of the box here, now!

Our terrain includes 42 flooring and walling elements, scaled to 28 mm by 30 mm visible grids, so it's compatible with 5E and various other tabletop games. You don't have to print or draw your maps anymore! Thanks to the push-fit system, you can quickly assemble and change the setup of your rooms in a matter of minutes, no glue needed. Dungeons & Lasers is one of the very few terrain systems on the market that offer a comfortable clip & play experience.

To make your dungeon more immersive and dangerous, we have prepared 70 customization bits for you! Bits are significant environmental elements that enrich the possibilities of designing your rooms and corridors. So use switches, traps, chests, tombs, and all kinds of unique and magical items. Surprise your party, make their dungeon raids exciting! You've got all you need to create great, unforgettable stories.

Fantasy Starter Set is a budget-friendly terrain. For $54, you will get the ultimate pack to begin or expand your tabletop experience! Over 100 elements that are easy to store are waiting for your next game session.

Visit your Friendly Local Gaming Store, ask for Dungeons & Lasers Fantasy Starter Set. If they have never heard of us, give them our e-mail sales@archon-studio.com. Or you can order it directly through our online store here: