Dungeons & Lasers Second Edition

Light your torches, prepare your potions and make sure you have plenty of Hit Points ready as a new Dungeon has been built. And it's not going to loot itself. We are happy to announce the Second Edition of our smash-hit terrain "Dungeons & Lasers" Kickstarter! This time with more themes, bits, and, most importantly - Dragons.

Dwarven Mine theme 

The Mining Dwarves had to leave these caverns, despite the fact that they have been working on them for generations. They did not leave willingly. Their greed for more precious metals drove them deeper into the mines, it was their that they uncovered an ancient beast, content with hoarding many riches and capable of breathing living fire. Dare you step into the mines to meet it in the battle, brave hero.

Cursed Cathedral

Sometimes deities are not strong enough the sustain the hearts of man. Their followers become corrupted and twisted by evil. The Cursed Cathedral is a sacred place where something went horribly wrong. Once home to peaceful monks,  and now seemingly abandoned. Yet a dark aura fills the Cathedra and one can clearly sense of the presence of its new "inhabitants".



Temple of The Operators

Biological life is not welcomed in this place. Every corner is hostile towards the living, the machine Operators hate all organic matter. No one knows why they left this place, but they made sure that if you enter, you will never leave.

Optional Half-wall options

With this edition, we are adding new, optional features - lower/shorter walls. They are 25mm tall and allow for a totally new, more boardgame-like, playstyle. They will be available only for new themes, as an optional add-on. They are connecting with floors in exactly the same way as regular 50mm tall walls.

Let There be Dragons

Every Dungeon needs a Keeper. Most importantly - evil and powerful. What's more potent than fire breathing, almost immortal dragon? No, the Game Master doesn't count. The answer is simple - 7 incredible inches of epic plastic in Dragon form. And we are going to introduce seven of them in total. Each one will be multi-part, with optional elements and a scenic base included. They will be available both as a separate pledge and as an add-on during the campaign.




All-New Stretch Goals

During the previous campaign, we unlocked 119 Stretch Goal items in total. During the Second Edition, we're going to introduce plenty of new items, both sci-fi and fantasy-oriented.


Pre-Launch Stretch Goals

For the first time, we are introducing Pre-Launch Stretch Goals. The more folks subscribe to our Pre-Page on Kickstarter, the more free items we are adding to the pledges! Head on to our KS page and click "subscribe"! Make sure your friends know about and share the link: archon-studio.com/dnl2


What now?

Now head to our Facebook page for a start and watch out for updates! We launch 25th of August 2020!