Empire of Man - Frequently Asked Questions

What Empire of Men is?
Empire of Men is miniature collection that comes to Kickstarter 25th of September this year.

Is Empire of Men a game?
No, but EoM minis can surely be used in any games you see fit.

How many factions Empire of Men will feature?
On the Kickstarter launch - two: The Great Empire and Echelon Dominion. We are planning to have third one as one of the stretch goals.

Are models going to be UniCast?
No, this project is not using our UniCast technology, we would like to offer a bit more of customization to your fans this time.

Are you using resin, plastic or metal.
We are planning to use resin.

Is Empire of Men "infantry only" oriented line of models?
No, we are releasing also bigger vehicles for the collection.

What's the scale of the miniatures?
Scale of the Empire of Men is 28mmm, heroic.

Why miniatures only KS now?
We have created 3 boardgames so far. But also we have wargaming background as a people, we know that there is plenty of fans of our miniatures so we decided to create a collection for more hobby-oriented collectors this time. Next project is going to be much different, back into boardgames territory.

Next project?!
Yes, Chronicle X is something we got on our plate very soon, after Empire of Men gets delivered.

How can I be in touch with your project?
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our newsletter.