Enter the Pathfinder Terrain

Our goblins are happy to announce a new product line, Pathfinder Terrain. These sets feature the most iconic places from the Pathfinder universe. Starting this month with the dark and grim Abomination Vaults, we will travel to farther lands in the next release. The new dungeons are also our first retail release of half-height walls while retaining full backward compatibility with our classic full-height walled sets.

Design of Abomination Vaults

Abomination Vaults is one of the most popular Pathfinder Adventures Paths ever, with a hardcover edition coming this May. The famous “Megadungeon” is split into 3 parts about the evil sorcerer Belcorra Haruvex and her revenge.

We have approached this challenge open-minded, yet focused on the lore and the story itself. Our Art Director, Tomasz Badalski, says:

The first thing that came to my mind was the abomination angle of the design. How to make a dungeon, that clearly says “we reject all that’s natural and give ourselves to all kinds of heresy and evil rituals”? That’s why you will notice good-ol’ tentacles on the walls and evil-eyes overseeing the adventuring party. Even the metal door ornaments are looking more like veins on living, cursed organisms than a piece of engineering. How cool is that?

Our friends at Paizo share their excitement:

Paizo is excited to work with Archon Studio on a way to bring the Pathfinder Abomination Vaults Adventure Path to life, and we look forward to the many future releases that will bring the world of Golarion to life,” said Jim Butler, Vice President of Marketing & Licensing at Paizo. “We can’t wait to see these dungeons take shape on your own tabletop.

Half-height walls are entering the game

The most noticeable feature of Abomination Vaults is the so-called “half-height walls.” They are designed differently than our previous terrain packs to make it even easier to handle miniatures inside of the dungeon. The height of the walls is roughly 25 millimeters/1 inch. They are also much thicker than in the previous packs. Doorways are kept at 50 millimeters/2 inch height to make it easier to locate them during the game.

Open the functional doors!

What do both Game Masters and Mimics love? Yes, you are right - a door. For the first time, we are implementing a functional door in the Dungeons & Lasers line. It works using a push and fit system, you can open and rotate the door or remove it altogether from the doorway if you do not need it. As you wish! Also, doorways are aligned with a grid, for all of you tactic-loving fighters!

All the extra bits included

Abomination Vaults comes with extra set pieces that will help you customize your dungeon. Columns are a perfect all-rounder when it comes to removing 1 single tile from the map and blocking a line of sight at the same time if you need that. A small pile of rubble work great as a blockade. Some walls also include special holes to place torchlights you will find in your set.

Dwarven Mine

The second release this month is Dwarven Mine, a terrain set in the wet and dark depths of mountains, where Dwarves used to have a lot of fun. Now the place is abandoned - or is it?

Dwarven Mine also features half-height walls, functional and grid-aligned doors, and extra customization bits. Fully compatible with Abomination Vaults and with the classic full-height walled Dungeons & Lasers sets.

Next Pathfinder Terrain Pack?

What awaits those who manage to survive the adventures in Abomination Vaults? Our Dungeon Lords are keeping the secrets for themselves, but they gave us a hint - can you guess the next Pathfinder Terrain release?

Get it online or in your local store

You can pre-order both Pathfinder Terrain: Abomination Vaults and Dwarven Mine on our online store by clicking the button below or asking in your local Gaming Store. If your local merchant wants to stock Pathfinder Terrain, make sure he contacts us using this form. Shipping starts 10th of May.

Now off to the Vaults, Adventurers! Time to get some loot!


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