“HoMM III: The Board Game” with three new expansions on Gamefound!

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“HoMM III: The Board Game” with three new expansions on Gamefound!

We are pleased to announce that “Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Board Game,” along with three new expansions - Stronghold, Conflux, and Cove, will be available on Gamefound.

Some people may be wondering why we have decided to launch another crowdfunding campaign instead of using other forms of distribution.
One of the main reasons for this decision is the high expectations of many people who missed the original campaign and late pledges. The launch of the next campaign will allow backers to purchase all available game elements (even those with distribution limited to trade shows and the online store). We guarantee that Stronghold, Conflux, and Cove, will release simultaneously, giving you more ways to play.
Follow the campaign page now to receive the unique “Crag Hack” Bust!

At the same time, we would like to make it clear that the new campaign will not start until the original campaign has been finalized. Firstly, all backers will receive their pledges in full, and then we are free to go to Krewlod, the Elemental Planes, and sail to Regna!

Stronghold, Conflux, Cove

Each expansion will provide new features and elements that will diversify your gameplay. The new additions include functionalities such as undergrounds, which can only be entered and exited through appropriate passages. There are also islands and water that you will cross by ship. Another element related to the map will be portals, which will allow you to move around the map quickly.

And this is only the beginning of the next great adventure,as we bring 3 new factions to the game: Stronghold, Conflux, and Cove. That’s right! The last faction may be known to you from the fan-made mod "Horn of the Abyss." In cooperation with the HOTA Crew, we can provide you with the Cove you know and love.

A word from the Archon Studio team

“Heroes of Might and Magic III is the game I spent the most time on. Year 2000 - the first computer. I had "Heroes" installed on it, which I still play today. I changed computers - the game remained the same. It's a great pleasure to work on this project again.” - Michał Tukan, Project Manager

“With great power comes great responsibility. It was no different when working on the plot for this title. On the one hand, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shed new light on stories beloved by millions. On the other hand, there is a lot of pressure to not only create a good game and an engaging plot but, perhaps even more importantly, a story that is faithful to the original vision. A vision that was not always fully expressed in the text. It was quite a challenge, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have as much fun as a kid being able to delve into the world of Enroth again." - Alex Kubiak, Solo Campaigns Designer

“It’s hard for me to even say when exactly my adventure with the “Heroes” series began, although, like the vast majority of people, I spent most of my time with “Heroes of Might and Magic III,” which I still come back to despite the passage of time. As I mentioned earlier, the entire “Heroes” series is of great importance to me, and the opportunity to work on the tabletop version of the well-known “3” is indescribable. This game is still with us due to the community that sticks together and does not let this title be forgotten. It’s all of us reminding people that ‘Heroes of Might and Magic III’ is still here and isn’t going anywhere.” - Kamil Białkowski, Game Author


Archon Studio is a dynamically developing Polish company specializing in miniatures, plastic terrain, and accessories for RPG and war game enthusiasts. The company is also known as a publisher of board games, including popular IP such as Heroes of Might and Magic III, Wolfenstein, and Masters of the Universe.
Archon Studio stands out for its innovation and pursuit of perfection. Thanks to a modern production plant equipped with CNC machines, the company offers high-quality HIPS plastic products. More information can be found at archon-studio.com.


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