Hellmaster Mode in Vanguard of War

In Vanguard of war 1-6 players can take control of a unique array of Heroes in order to quell the almost endless onslaught of demonic waves.
But sometimes it’s more fun to be the bad guy, with this in mind one player can now take control of the demonic horde and will pit their wits against the Hero players.
These rules are specifically made for the player wishing to take control of the Demons, known as the “Hell master”.

Spawning your Demonic Horde

At the start of your 1st turn draw 5 cards from the Abomination deck, on your following turns draw any number of cards from the abomination deck until you have 5 cards in your hand. Select any 3 abominations (4 if there are 5+ heroes) from your hand to spawn (spawn points still apply). Instead of rolling to decide which minions spawn in each wave, you can decide for yourself (try to come up with the best strategic combinations to catch those pesky heroes off guard).
You can not spawn the Overlord until it is in the last 3 cards in your hand, however, you can select which spawn point the Overlord will appear on.

Additionally at the start of your 1st turn draw 1 card from the Darkness deck. Once you have looked at the card place it face down in front of you, this card can be played during any of your turns in this tier and stacks with any other Darkness cards drawn by the heroes. The card is discarded at the end of the turn that it is activated.

Demon movement and Attacking

Wave movement works the same as in the normal game of Vanguard of War, however, you can now select who you wish to target when making an attack (providing they are in range). You make all the attacking dice rolls yourself. This also applies to the Overlord.

Upgrading your Demons

Each time you Slay a hero you are awarded 1 essence token, you can spend 2 tokens to upgrade a wave to the next tier stats (make a note of which wave this is, you can place an essence token next to the wave) You will need 5 essence tokens if you wish to upgrade your Overlord. If you are already on the final tier then you can add an additional minion to the upgraded wave.