Masters of the Universe: Fields of Eternia - Production Has Started! Download translated DLC!

The release of Masters of the Universe: Fields of Eternia is getting closer! To make your waiting time more pleasant, we published the highly anticipated DLC scenarios in French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

French DLC - Skirmish scenarios

French DLC - Solo/Coop Horde

French DLC - Solo/Coop Snake Men


German DLC - Skirmish scenarios

German DLC - Solo/Coop Horde

German DLC - Solo/Coop Snake Men


Italian DLC - Skirmish scenarios

Italian DLC - Solo/Coop Horde

Italian DLC - Solo/Coop Snake Men


Spanish DLC - Skirmish scenarios

Spanish DLC - Solo/Coop Horde

Spanish DLC - Solo/Coop Snake Men

Fabulous Secrets and Histories Are about to Be Revealed!

The PDFs contain three skirmish scenarios and two solo/cooperative scenarios.

We made sure to stay faithful to the lore, which is so rich with flavor and describes many stories important to the Masters of the Universe world.
You can go back to Preternia and settle the Great Wars between King Grayskull and the Snake Men (or maybe even take over everything as the Evil Horde). Maybe you want to conclude everything in the First Ultimate Battleground? How about Skeletor and Evil-Lyn trying to take over Central Tower, with He-Man and Teela following after them? After all these adventures, surely it’s time to calmly return to the present, no? Not at all! Here's your chance to help Kobra Khan free the Snake Men from the Void... And right after that, the Second Ultimate Battleground awaits! This one is a real treat for She-Ra and Great Rebellion fans!

New Challenges Await!

We have made every effort to ensure that every scenario added in this DLC feels unique and exciting. For example, The Ultimate Battleground allows all four factions to compete simultaneously! It is the only scenario focusing exclusively on a single hero and their adventure rather than a larger group conquering vast amounts of land. The Great Wars have a completely different flavor. In this scenario, our heroes and villains focus on the economic aspect of the game and try to outmaneuver their armies. Whoever conquers most lands wins!

Play Solo or together with a Friend

During these Solo/Coop scenarios, time matters. You’ll have the chance to help Kobra Khan in his plan to release King Hsss during this scenario. Use your extra resources and the new Sabotage Squad action to slow down your enemies. Use your time carefully and stay alert. Alternatively, stay by Hordak's side during Second Ultimate Battleground. This time you’ll fight against really tough opponents, one of which is time. You need a good plan because every round is crucial, so be ready for whatever comes.

Your Favorite Heroes are Coming!

And we've kept the best part for now! We can confirm that all language versions of the Masters of the Universe: Fields of Eternia the Board Game are in production. We estimate that in Q1 2023, they will be ready for distribution!

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