Masters of The Universe: Fields of Eternia QA session

A while ago, we asked you to ask us questions related to our upcoming board game "Masters of the Universe: Fields of Eternia." We have collected your questions, choose the most popular one, and here we go - we are opening the vault for the first time!


Q: When does the Kickstarter start?

A. We aim to start Q1 or Q2 of 2021. We are currently heavily playtesting the game. The "it's okay!" from testers is a must-have for us.


Q: What languages will the game be available in?

A. The game will be released in English, French, German and Spanish.


Q: Will there be continued support and expansions for the game?

A. Yes, the game will receive two expansions as well... and the core game will come with three game modes.


Q: Will the game be similar to Mythic Battle Pantheon?

A. Not at all. The best comparison would be Runebound combined with Risk.


Q: Can Skeletor actually win? Hahaha.

A. Well, it's all in your hands! If you are cunning and make the most of his skills, then victory is entirely possible.


Q: Will there be vehicles like the Landshark?

A. Yes! Many vehicles from the Classics line will be available to purchase from the Forges scattered around the map.

Q: Will there be rules for special locations like Castle Greyskull or the Fright Zone?

A. Yes, each faction will have its base for starting, and respawning locations, the Masters of the Universe will have Castle Grayskull, for example. The three Towers will also allow for fast travel. Some quest missions will also require the use of specific locations.

Q: Can you say something about the price on the Kickstarter? Will there be an "all-in" pledge?

A. The pricing is still being calculated, and yes - an "All-in" pledge is also planned.


Q: What do you think is the main concept for the gameplay, which leads to high entertainment and replay value?

A. Because the game is set during the First Ultimate Battle Ground, players will have the opportunity to conquer or liberate key locations with their troops, as well as the fight against Techno-organic Dinosaurs and Dragons.


Q: Solo, Co-op, or Competitive?

A. All of the above. In the core game, there are two warring factions, with two more in the add ons. You will also be able to play a solo campaign against an enemy A.I.


Q: Size of the minis?

A. 25mm bases, tabletop scale. Troop minis will be smaller so that more of them can be placed on the board in key strategic locations.


Q. Will it be a campaign-like game or just one epic battle?

A. The game will introduce both gameplay styles - you can play one of the scenarios or just a quick skirmish game. 

Q: Expert or beginner level boardgame?

A. Both - the game has three difficulty levels to choose from.


Q: Will there be an Early Bird Pledge or even an "all-in" special offer

Yes, we are planning such bonuses.


Q: When do you expect to add a Paypal option to the checkout of your store?

A. No, Paypal is just way too expensive per single transaction.


Q: Will unlikely allies (He-Man & Skeletor) be possible?

A. "Repeat after me - He-Man, I am your friend..." Skeletor will side with He-Man from time to time if it serves his purposes.


Q: How do you feel about the Great Rebellion? Do you plan to include any of those characters? (Not just Bow!)

A. She-Ra will be in the base game and the Horde in the expansion.


Q. Will the rules be a "living rulebook" updated on occasion for balance, or is it a one-shot deal?

A. We are playtesting the game to the limits now to make sure rules are rock solid. But FAQs and errata are perfectly normal in the board game world, so expect long term support.


Q: Will miniatures be points-based or class-based?

A. Hero-based. Each character has unique stats and abilities.


Q: Will it be story-driven?

A. Yes. For those not interested in the story - we've got a Skirmish Mode.


Q: What will be the main mechanics? Area Control? Drafting? Dice Rolling?...

A. Area control and tactical fights between characters. Dice usage is minimal. 


Q: Number of minis?

A. 12 heroes in the base game, 30 troop pawns as well. 


Q: Will you be able to equip items to a character? E.g.: Will Skeletor be able to use items like his Havoc Staff, Battle Axe, Sword?

A. Heroes' most recognizable weapons are described on their cards and provide original bonuses. In addition, you can collect or buy many interesting items during the game.

Q: Will it only be two players? Or will there be room for multiple players?

A. There are two factions in the core game. With planned expansions, you can play in 3 factions at the same time.


Q: Will there be playable characters from the Horde?

A.We don't want to make Hordak mad, right? He is surely coming to the party as well.


Q: What is the size of the game board?

A. Approx 90cm x 58.5cm


Q: Are additional electronic devices or apps needed to play the game?

A. No. 


Q: Are the player turns one after another or simultaneous (with evaluation at the end of the player's turn)?

A. Faction activation.


Q: Is it a dungeon Crawler?

A. No.


Q: Vehicles?

A. All of the fan-favorites!


Q: Is the game based on toys, mini-comics, cartoons or any other source material?

A. Both comics and toys. Our board game is set up in the "MOTU Classics" toy line universe. 


Q: Who designed these gorgeous models?

A. Unconditional love to Masters of The Universe here, in Archon Studio.


Q: Any chance you can get a license to sell the game here in the US? I'd really like to purchase the game.

A. No, we have a license for European territory only.


Q: Will there be a NA release of the game?

A. No, we do not have the license for North America.


Q: Will the game scale up to a war game? Something along the lines of Age of Sigmar, Star Wars Legions etc.

A. No.


Q: Hello, which character Will be featured in the base game?

A. Here is a list os the base game characters:

  • He-Man
  • She-Ra
  • Man-At-Arms
  • Ram Man
  • Teela
  • Stratos
  • Trap Jaw
  • Tri-Klops
  • Beast Man
  • Evil-Lyn
  • Skeletor
  • Mer-Man

Q: Does the Game have a fixed amount of miniatures, or is it a Wargame where every player can have an individual set of miniatures he or she has bought?

A/ It's three characters VS 3 characters in Core Game. The expansion allows 2 VS 2 VS 2 gameplay.


Q: How many factions will the game have?

A. The core comes with "Masters of The Universe" and "Evil Warriors." The expansions will introduce "Evil Horde" and "Snakemen."


Q: Will the game include Etheria as a setting or just their factions?

A. No Etheria this time.


Q: I wanna read the rulebook to see the mechanics and objectives of the game. I don't wanna buy one game that I don't see.

A. We plan to release the rulebook during the Kickstarter. 


Q: What is the main direction of play for Fields of Eternia? Is it an area control Game with round by round independent from each other or does each round build upon the previous one and creates, therefore a greater "final battle" (roleplay character) ?

A. Every round, you strengthen your heroes to achieve your goals - e.g., defeat the boss or other heroes.


Q. Are there going to be generic creatures and monsters that are a part of the MOTU mythology but not individual characters (for example shadow beasts, the manticore, Skelcons, Mer-Man's minions, Horde Troopers, etc ... ?

A. Don't forget about Turbodactyl.

Q: Will it include the Modern She-Rá?

A. No, our game is based on the "Classics" toyline.


Q: Will there be multi-part Miniatures for troops and such?

A. No, all board game miniatures are single-pieced by default.


Q: Will Orko be part of Fields of Eternia?

A. As an Ally, not as a playable character, though.


Q. Will the exclusive minis, sold before the campaign, be available during the Kickstarter?

A. No, these were limited release only.


Q. Will the limited release minis be playable in the core game?

A. Yes, they will have bonus abilities to give you a slight edge in the early game


Q. What time period will the game be set during?

A. Fields of Eternia take place around the time of the First Ultimate Battleground in Preternia.


Q. How long does each campaign take to play?

A. Depending on player experience, about 2 hours.


Q. Will the minis come painted?

A. No, you will be able to paint the minis however you want, so if you really wanted, you could turn your MOTU team into an Anti-Eternia team.

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