Rampart The Second Edition

Engineers never sleep at Archon Studio. We are happy to announce the next project we have been working on secretly in past months. It's a Second Edition of Rampart, our plastic wargaming terrain designed for magnets (but working perfectly fine without ones too!)

Introducing Kobalt Foundry

One does not simply wage war in a distant future or galaxy far far away without conquering some factories. Here "Kobalt Foundry" comes into play. Featuring metal plates, rivets, pipes, and all kinds of mechanical add-ons, Kobalt is a perfect choice for either sci-fi or steam-punk battlefields.



It will also have its own floors, stairs, and customization bits.

Upgrading classics



Both Kazumi Temple and Eternal Catedral are going to receive extra bits in Strech Goals. We are adding long-awaited toppings for walls, for example. And plenty of little bits. Yes, before you ask - previous backers will be able to purchase those elements separately as an add-on.

Backwards compatibility

Kobalt Foundry is strongly based on Eternal Cathedral geometry-wise. And it's fully compatible with it! You can easily attach Kobalt elements to Cathedral ones. Rampart technology is supporting your imagination.

When do we start?

The big day is 26th of November 2019. Mark your calendars.