The third Edition of Rampart Terrain is coming to Kickstarter

After two years of development, we are happy to present you with the most complete and versatile plastic terrain for wargaming. Ready for any miniature game you can bring to the table.

Community-driven evolution

After the Second Edition of Rampart, we asked you what you needed most in future releases. You gave us some hints.

Bridges and roofing

We have redesigned the Rampart flooring system from scratch. “Functional floors” come as a universal add-on compatible with every theme, and they are capable of holding quite a lot of weight. So bring out your tanks, mechs, and all the infantry you can get - the floor is lava!

Functional Floors are also perfectly suited to be used as a roofing system. Just put them on top of the building and voilà! 

New Stretch Goals

We are planning plenty of Stretch Goals and a large part of them are going to be standalone objects, slightly bigger than your average oil barrel or supply crate. This time, infantry will get some cover!


New Theme

We have also designed the all-new theme, “City Ruins”. It will support all your urban warfare, whether you’re waging your battle in the 1940s or in the 40th Millenium. This theme is rich with details and each piece of terrain has two sides - one featuring the external part of the building, the other more of the interior. If you are more into room-fighting, City Ruins got you covered. 


Clear Plastic

After a successful implementation in Dungeons & Lasers, we are introducing clear plastic to the Rampart’s Universe. The new technology is coming in the Stretch Goals and in the new add-ons. 


Kickstarter date

The assault begins on the 23rd of November. Don’t be late, Soldier. To set up a reminder, click “Remind me” on the Kickstarter pre-page below: