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Count your lucky stars, the second wave of Starfinder minis is here. We are calling 2nd wave: “Stardust,” so named for the dusty yellow coloring of the sprues.These remarkable new minis are currently in production and are available to preorder at Archon-Studio.com online store. Shipping will begin on the 16th of December, perfect for those last-minute stocking fillers.



If you backed the Ninja Division Kickstarter for Starfinder, then you will be eligible to receive all of the currently available Kickstarter minis, and all you have to do is purchase 1 of the exclusive new minis such as Zo! or Luwazi Elsebo and provide us with the email address linked to your Starfinder pledge. Enter your Starfinder pledge details into the order message, and we will get everything sorted for you.
Here is the tricky bit:
If you have not yet made an order with us: Place an order for Zo! and/or Luwazi Elsebo and we will send you all the Kickstarter minis from wave 1 and wave 2 (stardust) as well. If you have previously ordered Zo! and received wave 1, then you will only need to order Luwazi Elsebo to get all the wave 2 (Stardust) Kickstarter minis. Please note that Zo! and Luwazi Elsebo are not Kickstarter minis. These are “Archon- released minis”. So if you just order Luwazi Elsebo, then you won't get Zo! Only the Kickstarter minis. You can find all of these exciting minis (and much, much more) here:

Star Lore

For all of you fanatic fans of fantasy fluff, here are some bios of the latest characters coming to the “stardust” wave:
Ferani Nadaz: Ferani Nadaz became the boss of the Downside Kings only recently when she savagely killed the gang's former leader, but she has consolidated her power quickly and violently, because of this, she is regarded with a mixture of respect and fear.
Obozaya, Vesk Soldier: Obozaya is a freelance mercenary seeking glory and recognition. As she's fond of saying: "battle is too important to leave to amateurs," she believes that the best way to win a fight is to move fast and hit hard.
Anacite Laborer: Anacites are robots left behind for Eons by their long-departed masters on Aballon, the Pact World closest to the sun. These constructs developed the capacity for evolution and self-improvement, creating an entire mechanical ecosystem.
Ryphorian Skyfire Pilot: Ryphorians often join the famed Skyfire Legion, elite mercenaries who offer their military services to colonists and other groups operating outside the Pact Worlds. Many members of the legion form near-telepathic bonds with dragonkin partners.
Skittermander: Near-ubiquitous inhabitants of the planet Vesk-3, Skittermanders led simple lives before the Veskarium annexed their planet. They are individualistic without being anarchic and enjoy teamwork, naturally following qualified leaders.
Luwazi Elsebo: Elected for her merit as an adventuring scholar, First Seeker Luwazi Elsebo is the nominal head of the Starfinder Society, a loose association of scholars and adventurers who travel the galaxy seeking to advance the cause of knowledge.
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