Vanguard of War is coming back to Kickstarter

Dave here from Archon studio, I am happy to report that we have recently fulfilled another successful kickstarter campaign, Vanguard of War. The reception to the game has been amazing, with backers really loving our detailed miniatures and intuitive game mechanisms. We have had numerous people asking us if we will be reprinting Vanguard of War, and now we are able to answer that question with a resounding and enthusiastic yes.

We want to expand the game for all of our existing fans and new-comers alike by giving them something new and exciting. What kind of things will we see in new Vanguard of War  I hear you ask, well how about a ton of new content, such as new game modes that will push your skills to the limit, new Bosses and abominations  as well as a host of original new Heroes to take command of. New ways to play and even more ways to get your demon slaying fix.

There are those of us who love taking on the role of the daring hero, smiting villainous foes where they stand and posing bravely on their broken corpses, what could be more heroic than that? There are, however, others who would much rather play as the villain, because lets face it, the bad guys always have more fun. Because of this we have created "Hell-master Mode" where one player will be able to take over the role of the Demon AI and will pit their strategies against the brave hero players. This will add a competitive element to the game and a nice twist that says "hey, sometimes it's good to be bad" and with all of the new Demons that will be coming out in VOW there is no better time to become the Hell-master.

We are currently working on the draft of Kickstarter page, it is in the early rough stages at the moment and more will be added at a later date. We would be very grateful if you guys would give it a look and leave us some feedback on the page itself.