Zombies Vs Vanguard of War

For those of you who love games like plants vs zombies you'll see some obvious inspirational similarities, mainly that there are zombies involved, but also the layout of the board. The zombies will be coming at you in a direct line from one end of the board to the other, munching their way through turrets and barricades along the way, however we still want the game to feel and play like the Classic Vanguard of war, so you will have Heroes stomping around putting down the undead at every opportunity, as well as exploring the terrain for valuable items to help defend against the zombie hordes.


One of the main issues we had when designing this game mode was the lack of "the church" mechanism, which previously allowed players to move between lanes, revive heroes and was the main focus of the demons attacks. So we came up with a few elegant solutions to circumvent these issues, now moving between lanes is performed by using special warp points conjured by powerful mages on your side, reviving is done on the adjacent space to where the hero was slain, marked with a grave stone token, and the main focus of the Zombie's attack are the barricades that halt their advance.


We also felt that Vanguard of War was a touch too easy at times, especially when a player could use the same move over and over and spam their way to victory, hence the new "cool down" mechanism which will help to add an extra level of strategy and urgency to the way you play, one of which we hope you guys will enjoy. This game play mechanism can also be translated into the core game of Vanguard of War and should provide that extra level of replayability.

More over, you can actually read the rules already:

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