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Dungeon crawling

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Dungeon crawling

Hellfiremaga5 years ago
Vanguard of War

Hello everyone


I'm a big fan of dungeon crawling game. I've played Heroquest (the old one of the 80s), Descent which I have every expansion of V1 and some of V2, warhammer quest, runebound, WoW... The mechanic of the game and fight is almost the same as LOAD or VoW and the minis are great. I don't think it would be so tough for you to make a great game for dungeon crawling.


In my opinion, what could be a really cool idea would be to have a co-op game without Dungeon Master. My favorite game mechanic is Descent since the beginning but it's really frustrating to have one player who is only here to play as the evil guy. Another cool thing would be to make a game with more than 4 players.


I can discuss a lot about it but it's no use if no one likes the idea. So feel free to discuss about it (and sorry for my english, it's a little rusty and not my native language).


If needed, I would be totally ok to take a part in the game by giving idea, share my experience and though of this kind of game, check translation, balance... Whatever I'm able to :)



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