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Hero Levelling up suggestion

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Hero Levelling up suggestion

poondog5 years ago
Vanguard of War

I’m on the fence over backing this game.  On one hand, I love the theme and concept of the castle defense gameplay.  On the other hand, lack of player agency and meaningful choices over the course of many games concerns me.


From what I understand from the rules, your turn basically boils down to moving and then attacking or searching.  When levelling up, you can choose to flip your character card or your skills.  And that’s it.  I feel like when it came time for my hero to act, the best course of action already be laid out and there would be no meaningful decisions to be made from the get-go.


My suggestion is one that I think would improve player agency, offer more player choices on their turn, and offer customization options that would increase replayability of multiple games: I think that the level up mechanic should be reworked so that instead of getting all your skills at the beginning and then choosing to level them all up at the same time, a hero should get their basic attack and one skill of their choice at the start.  Then, as the hero earns XP they can choose to add another one of their basic skills, level up a basic skill to its advanced side, or improve their stats (AP, health, depending on the hero).  The hero’s ultimate skill could be learned after a certain number of XP has been spent on the other skills.  So instead of spending 5 XP (and the other currency, ascension I think its called) at one time, a hero could spend 1 XP to either learn a new basic skill or learn its advanced version.  Once a player has spent 4 XP on their skills, they could spend another XP and ascension to get their ultimate if they desired.  So ultimately, the XP required to flip both a hero’s character card and skill card would be approximately the same, but over the course of a full game a player would get to choose how they level up and choose which skill they need to focus on in order to adapt to the situation on the game board.  Something like this.  (Disclaimer, I recently saw this mechanic being used in another game called Village Attacks.)


Would this require a lot of playtesting in order to be balanced?  Yes.  Would certain hero’s abilities or path of leveling up need to be reworked?  Probably.  Would this make this game a lot more fun and tactical?  I totally think so. 


If this variant or gameplay was added to the game by the developers, I would be 100% on board this game.



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Hellfiremaga's picture
Hellfiremaga5 years ago


leveling is a good idea but I'm afraid it would be too complex with a game like VoW. I totally imagine heroes with stat getting up and getting new skills with levels but more in a campain game like a dungeon crawler. A system of money and an improvement of the stuff would be cool too

poondog's picture
poondog5 years ago

Heroes already level up in this game. They do it twice - once when they flip their character card and once when they flip their skills card. My suggestion is to scale that same mechanic over the course of a single gameplay session so that you are learning the exact same skills, just at a different rate. I don’t think that makes the game more complex.

Dave's picture
Archon Labs
5 years ago

This would mean adding more complex components to the game, we want it to be easily accessible to all players. we are adding a cool down mechanic to the skills in the reprint which will limit the amount of times a skill can be used each turn. In terms or Lore, we have a team of heroes who are already well versed in their particular skills and abilities as they have been fighting this war for many years, so they already know their respective abilities.

Thank you for the suggestion, it may be something we can implement into other games in future.

Kind regards
Dave K