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Issues and problems with VOW

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Issues and problems with VOW

dkekejian5 years ago
Vanguard of War

I was an Epic VOW late pledger and these are the main concerns I have about the game 

1- A lot of the heroes, unlike the ones in the base set, don't get improved abilities on their secondary sheet (excluding the blue ones that require essence) when you upgrade them. These are the heroes- Candy&Cola, Lord Pyrith, Cpl. Jasso, Sir Jankovic, Cpt. Makhaira and Fallow. 

2- Werewolf abomination is the only abomination besides Harvester that doesn't get any abilities in Higher tiers. I understand why Harvester doesn't because it gets a lot of armor but at tier 3 Werewolfs are by far the weakest abominations. I know they throw a lot of dice but not having range, weak armor and no abilities still makes them very weak and incomparable to other abominations at tier 3 even at tier 2. 

3- Madness overlord is by far the weakest overlord and very unbalanced. Even at tier 3 it hits only with sixes that count as 2 damage which is pretty weak compared to all the other overlords abilities and attacks. To prove my hypothesis, I actually matched all overlords in a 1vs1 fight with Madness and madness lost every time without any exceptions. 

4- The sizes of Chaos, Madness and Darkness overlords that I got are much smaller in size compared to other overlords. They have the same size in the pictures on archon website but their sizes are considerably smaller than other overlords even in the opening and review videos. 

5- Now that we have cool down of abilities mechanism(which i think is cool) Cpl. Jasso will be nerfed to unplayable status i am afraid. 

6- Old overlords should also get items that affect their gameplay since the new ones are getting! This will make the old overlords balanced compared to the old ones! 

These are my main concerns, everything else is amazing about the game. Hope these issues will be addressed

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Dave's picture
Archon Labs
5 years ago

Thank you for your suggestions, we can not change these at this stage, however, consideration has been take when writting the rules for the new heroes, overlords and abominations.

Kind regards
Dave K