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Whampiri5 years ago
Vanguard of War


The idea behind this is to have players fight off the hordes as usual but will be scheming against each other behind the scenes and trying to be the last player standing. Waves will be called in as normal but the Heroes will try “draw” easy waves to themselves while “pushing” larger and harder waves onto the opponents using teleport events as well as playing events that make enemies easier to kill or boosting opponents waves. While it would require additional components, its minimal and could be added.


Number of players

Can be played in 2 teams of 2 or a free for all or crazy mode which is 2 or 3 vs 1.

Objective, prevent the enemy from getting to the church through your path.


Additional components

60 Event cards.

20 Terrain tiles


60 Event cards.

Players get 5 of these at the start of the game and gain 1 per wave level they kill.

Only one of these can be played per player per round before dice are rolled. They may be played on player characters, on waves or on the board.

These cards have one of the following effects-

  • Make it easier to hit +1,
  • make it harder to hit -1,
  • Increase speed +1,
  • Decrease speed -1 (to a minimum of 1)
  • Teleport. Choose a wave. Move that wave to the left/right or to the opposite side path as indicated by the card, (models moved this way are placed in the corresponding tile number. i.e. if the wave was about to move to tile 5 from tile 4, the wave should be placed on the relevant players tile 5.)
  • Redo- Teleport a wave back to the start, take 1 HP damage and heal the wave +1 HP
  • Increase armor +1,
  • Decrease armor -1,
  • boost attack number +1 die,
  • Reduce attack number -1 die,
  • Discard a terrain/event tile- The target tile is discarded and replaced with another random tile
  • Stun Play before rolling dice. Enemies hit by the Hero do not move or attack in their next turn.
  • (other effects could be included such as magical wepons etc which cause additional damage to enemy types)


20 Terrain tiles

Tiles have a number of effects and can hamper the poor heroes or help the waves. Players draw 3 of these at the start of the game.

Enemies standing on these tiles gain additional powers. e.g.

  • Regenerate waves HP,
  • Additional attack power,
  • summon additional waves,
  • Knock heroes back a square if they hit,
  • Damage equipment on successful damage,
  • force players to discard event cards,
  • boost speed,
  • spawn additional enemies etc.


A balancing ability here is that the hero also gains a boost so it could be that enemies get +1HP(to max) but -1 speed(minimum of 1) or heroes also heal 1. Other benefits could be the supply of additional event cards or equipment. etc.


Set up:

Players choose or randomly draw characters. They’re placed in the church.  

Players get 5 event cards at the start of the game. The only way to draw more of these is to kill waves.(1 per level of the wave killed)

Players draw 3 Terrain tiles. Starting with the player(player 1) who last listened to Heavy metal or undertook some satanic worship, players places a tile on his own path or that of an opponent and repeat this until all players have 3 tiles on their path. A player can only have a maximum of 3 tiles on their path. Tiles are placed on the following path tiles: 1,3,5.

The wave deck is arranged such that all level 1 waves shuffled and placed on top of the deck, wave 2 below that and 3 below that. x-1, where x is the number of players, waves are spawned a turn (In the event that a player has 2 waves spawn on him in the same turn, the second wave is given to the player to their left)

When a wave is killed, the player character responsible for killing the wave gains +1HP per level killed and event cards equal to the level of the wave.

A player killing a boss gains twice the above bonus.



It is one of those inevitable things that happens to even the best of heroes. When a hero dies, they may discard event cards at random equal to the wave level to be resurrected back in the church. In the event that a player doesn’t have enough cards, the player dies......but can still play kingmaker. The dead player draws new event cards equal to the number of players and chooses one to play on each player. Revenge is sometimes a dish best served dead cold. 


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Ukail's picture
Ukail5 years ago

Hello Whampiri,

Sure I find this idea interesting, I mean something between the full coop-game, and competitive one.

But your idea to give one path to each player is not that easy to do.

If a hero die definitely, what happens to his path ? Can it get more spawns ? If yes, who is responsible for cleanning it ?

Please note, I don't really like the king-making position. The winner, helped by one or more king-maker do not acheive victory by himself, that let other players thinking of a stolen-victory, and it's not a good way to keep the fun around the table.

Whampiri's picture
Whampiri5 years ago

Any wave currently on the dead players path are distributed to the other players as equally as possible. That players path becomes dead and any card with their number on it is instead randomly distributed to another player. Originally i had the idea that it would go to the player on the left but this would result in them being very quickly swamped.

i understand you not liking playing King-maker however what I wanted to do was keep a player in the game at all times. It means that while other players try to beat each other, nobody wants to kill off a hero because of revenge. In this way all players stay in the game until the end.

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Whampiri5 years ago

Note that the dead player only gets to play 1 card on each player. They really only stay in the game for 1 final round.