A great value flowing through social media

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A great value flowing through social media

Archon Studio: A great value flowing through social media

It is no secret that we always strive to maintain a strong connection with you, our valued fans. We aim to understand your preferences, your feedback, and areas where you think we can improve, as well as aspects where we share common ground. Social media platforms play a pivotal role in facilitating this communication, enabling us to engage with you effectively. As a result, we take our presence on various social media platforms seriously, recognizing their significance in our ongoing interaction with you.

Meta, indeed

Just like any reputable company, we recognize the importance of maintaining a presence on Facebook and Instagram. In today's digital landscape, they are an essential place to engage with an audience. In truth, we see them precisely as the main platform for communicating with you. You’d struggle to find a week in which nothing new has been posted!

What can you find there? Engaging content, sneak peeks, competitions, and information on time-limited promotions. We also share your ideas and creations, such as our minis and terrain painted by none other than you!

We’re twee… X-ing!

Twitt… X, despite recent turbulence, is still one of the largest social media platforms right now so we simply couldn’t afford to not be there. And although our activity on X is slightly lower (compared to Facebook and Instagram), it is definitely worth following us there, too. Why? Because the more places you come across us, the more likely you are to stay up to date and not miss a thing!

Hello, TikTok!

In July, we made our debut on TikTok. We've concluded that making an appearance in this medium would be a smart move to find our niche there and showcase our products up close to an even broader audience. Our channel is doing quite well at the moment, with hundreds of followers, thousands of video views, and dozens of comments to its name. Good job, Wiktoria!

Ask Us Anything!

Now, Archon wouldn't be the same without our fortnightly livestreams on YouTube featuring Jarek, Archon Studio's CEO. These videos are an excellent source of information on what we’re currently working on - this includes the things that happen behind the scenes as well. Jarek loves to share sneak peeks about our upcoming projects and share his know-how related to running a business in the tabletop and board gaming industry. We strongly encourage you to tune in!

Reddit discussions

Yes, we’re on Reddit, too, tracking your posts, comments and sharing our latest projects! So it turns out that probably nothing will escape our attention.

Joanna and Szymon at your service!

Our reliable Customer Service keeps things in order every single day. Joanna and Szymon do a great job answering your questions, solving problems, and keeping in touch with you daily. It would not be an exaggeration to say that they are, in a way, the backbone of our business. Without them, it would be really difficult for us to handle this all by ourselves!

Szymon is also our resident community manager, responsible for handling the Discord and writing updates. Our Discord server is a great place to hang out, whether you’re new to our products, or if you’ve been a longtime fan, looking for a cozy community of boardgame and tabletop fans! We have plenty of painters and passionate fans, so if you’re looking for inspiration or just want to admire a good looking dragon, we can help you with that. Also, if you’ve ever felt like you just found an obscure reference any of our updates, then your intuition is correct - it’s likely because of his meddling…

Our BoardGameGeek’s activity

Every game released by Archon has its own thread and subpage on BoardGameGeek (BGG). Our development team systematically updates these entries, providing information about the changes made during the creation of the game. This not only allows players to become acquainted with the title but also gives them an opportunity to influence its final form. We adhere to the principle that we are created by our community, so we carefully analyze every opinion and suggestion.

Player activity on Board Game Geek is incredibly valuable to us. On the one hand, we receive feedback regarding the quality of our products, and on the other, suggestions regarding the products you would like to see on the market. On BGG, we also provide instructions for our games and photos from various stages of their development. An important benefit for players is the ability to directly communicate with the creators of our games through the platform, enabling clarification of any doubts regarding gameplay rules.

We are grateful for your involvement and activity on BGG because it is thanks to you that our games become better and more tailored to the expectations of the gaming community. Archon Studio isn't just your typical game studio; we are passionate about creating immersive and unforgettable gaming experiences. Our dedication to quality and innovation is slowly making us a name among the board gamers. 

Regardless of the platform, your posts and comments are invaluable to us. They are what help us set the direction and create products tailored to your needs. Share your thoughts, and together, let's create better products! Thank you; you are also a part of this journey.

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