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Heroes of Might & Magic III The Board Game

Rulebook ENG

Mission Book ENG

Mission Book SG ENG

Battlefield Rulebook ENG

Tournament Book ENG

Rampart Mission Book ENG

Fortress Mission Book ENG

Inferno Mission Book ENG


Rulebook PL

Mission Book PL

Tournament Book PL

Rampart Mission Book PL

Fortress Mission Book PL

Inferno Mission Book PL

Battlefield Rulebook PL

SG Mission Book PL


Rulebook FR

Mission Book FR

Tournament Book FR

Rampart Mission Book FR

Fortress Mission Book FR

Inferno Mission Book FR

Battlefield Rulebook FR

SG Mission Book FR


Rulebook GER

Mission Book GER

Tournament Book GER

Rampart Mission Book GER

Fortress Mission Book GER

Inferno Mission Book GER

Battlefield Rulebook GER

SG Mission Book GER

Masters of The Universe: Battleground

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Errata and FAQ

Masters of The Universe: Fields of Eternia Board Game

Core Game Rulebook

Core Game Mission Book

Core Game Rulebook Spanish

Mission Rulebook Spanish

Core Game Rulebook Italian

Mission Rulebook Italian

Core Game Rulebook French

Mission Rulebook French

Core Game Rulebook German

Mission Rulebook German

Snake Men Solo and Cooperation Scenario DLC - English

Horde Solo and Cooperation Scenario DLC - English

Skirmish Scenarios DLC - English

French DLC - Skirmish scenarios

French DLC - Solo/Coop Horde

French DLC - Solo/Coop Snake Men

German DLC - Skirmish scenarios

German DLC - Solo/Coop Horde

German DLC - Solo/Coop Snake Men

Italian DLC - Skirmish scenarios

Italian DLC - Solo/Coop Horde

Italian DLC - Solo/Coop Snake Men

Spanish DLC - Skirmish scenarios

Spanish DLC - Solo/Coop Horde

Spanish DLC - Solo/Coop Snake Men

Enter the Dragons!

Player Aid


Castle Grayskull Dice Tower

Wolfenstein: The Board Game

Wolfenstein: The Board Game English Rulebook

Wolfenstein: The Board Game English FAQ

Wolfenstein: The Board Game English Mission Book

Wolfenstein:The Board Game Old Blood English Mission Book

Wolfenstein:The Board Game All-Stars English Mission Book

Wolfenstein:The Board Game assembly manuals (ZIP file)

Wolfenstein:The Board Game French Rules (ZIP file)

Wolfenstein:The Board Game Spanish Rules (ZIP file)

Wolfenstein:The Board Game Italian Rules (ZIP file)

Wolfenstein:The Board Game Polish Rules (ZIP file)

Rampart Modular Terrain

Rampart Survey Bot STL miniature

Rampart Cathedral Assembly Manual

Rampart Silos Assembly Manual

Wolverine Tank Assembly Manual

Mammoth Walker Assembly Manual

Dungeons & Lasers

Ghost Dragon assembly manual

Phoenix assembly manual

Roofs assembly manual

Pepe The Giant assembly manual

Market Stall assembly manual

Jerry the Jello assembly manual

Yahazzal assembly manual

Townsfolk assembly manual

Adventurer's Trail

Stretch Goals Third Edition assembly instruction

Witch Hunter assembly instruction

The Lich assembly instruction

Nubble assembly instruction

Sneaking Sewers Scenario 5E

Doorways STL files

Stretch Goals Second Edition Manual

Stretch Goals Second Edition Documentation

Bulbo The Eyeball Assembly Manual

Durkar The Dragon Assembly Manual

Druid was right! Assembly instruction

Freyr Dragon Assembly instruction

Freyr Dragon Assembly instruction

Durkar Assembly instruction

Draculus Assembly instruction

Xenodragon Assembly instruction

Thall Assembly instruction

Origon Assembly instruction

Marduk Assembly instruction

Dragon of Schmargonrog Assembly instruction

Stretch Goals First Edition Assembly instruction

Chronicle X

Chronicle X FAQ and Errata

Chronicle X Rulebook 1.2

Chronicle X Missionbook 1.1

Chronicle X Twilight Rulebook 1.1

Chronicle X Abyss Rulebook 1.1

"Hollow Pentagon" Fanfiction

Chronicle X Stretch Goal Book 1.1

Spawn Cards Print and Play

Vanguard Of War

Vanguard of War Official Errata

Vanguard of War FAQ document

Vanguard of War Hellmaster Gamemode

Vanguard of War Survival and Boss Rush Gamemodes

Vanguard of War Save Sheet

Vanguard of War Second Edition add-on cards

Vanguard of War rulebook

League of Ancient Defenders

Re-LOAD Frost and Forest ruleset

League of Ancient Defenders rulebook


Legion of the Black Sun: Vampires Assembly instructions

Empire of Men Officer Assembly instructions

Necromancer Assembly instructions

Xipe Guardians Assembly instruction