By the Power of Grayskull, We Have... The Tournament!

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By the Power of Grayskull, We Have... The Tournament!

By the Power of Grayskull, We Have... The Tournament!

The below text is available in three languages.

Hello He-Man, Skeletor, and Masters of the Universe fans! We are very happy to see the growing interest in Masters of the Universe: Battleground. The numerous inquiries about the game, organizing support groups, and holding tournaments fill our hearts with joy - maybe even the joy Roboto experienced when he received a bit of heart from his friends. ;-)
We decided to meet your expectations and prepare something that will make your bottom-up initiatives even more unique…

Tournament Pack

A special product in which you will find everything you need to prepare your own tournament:

Poster on which you can enter the date, time, and place of the tournament

A certificate for the winner

Prizes for the best players
2 sets of plastic mana tokens - for 4th and 3rd place

1 set of metallic-colored plastic mana tokens - for 2nd place

1 promo miniature (so far we have released He-Man with Battle Cat and Skeletor with Panthor) - for the winner

How do I get it?

1. The Tournament Pack is not an ordinary retail product - it is intended for tournament organizers. It will only be available in our online store. Create an account now!

2. After placing your order, mail / - it will be reviewed by our Board Game Development Manager.

3. After a brief verification process, the organizer will receive a discount code, and after making the payment, their package will be sent.


He-Man/Skeletor/Hordak needs you!

Don't let anyone else decide the fate of Eternia; lead your own faction to victory! We provide all of our valiant Masters of the Universe with our full support (an example being Tournament Pack).
For tournament support, please contact /
The author of the game - Jacek Karpowicz - is available for you on our Board Game Geek forum; we also have a Discord channel if you have any additional questions.
We also notice and appreciate the activity of the various language groups on Facebook. Here are some links to them:

English-speaking group:

German-speaking group:

Greek-speaking group:

Polish-speaking groups:

Spanish-speaking group:


If I missed any, let me know! :-)

Have a good journey friends, and until next time!

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