Endless Reinforcements - MOTU: B Wave 5

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Endless Reinforcements - MOTU: B Wave 5

Minions for Everyone!

It's hard to believe that Masters of the Universe: Battleground is already nearing its one-year anniversary! Time flies when you're having fun. From the get-go, we've been listening to your feedback and we've heard loud and clear that you want cheaper models to accompany their heroes on the battlefield. With Wave 4, we introduced this option to a new faction, which you guys clearly liked. Now, we're excited to announce that we'll be bringing similar opportunities to both the Evil Warriors and the Masters of the Universe! In this blog post, we'll explore those new characters and their impact on the game.

For the Horde?

While we may be adding basic troops to other factions, it is important to note that this does not entail turning them into mere replicas of the Evil Horde. The troops of the Evil Horde are core units that are essential to their forces. On the other hand, the soldiers of Masters of the Universe and Evil Warriors play distinct, supportive roles. You are not going to conquer the world with Palace Guards or Hover Robots, but they will be useful additions to your toolset.

Palace Guard, Defenders of Peace

The Masters of the Universe forces will be bolstered by the Palace Guards, whose primary role on the battlefield is to protect their allies. With the Palace Guards by their side, the rest of the team won’t be so easily taken down. Instead, any attacks targeting adjacent allies can be redirected to a Palace Guard, ensuring that the team can stay in the fight for longer. And while the Palace Guards may not be the strongest combatants on the battlefield, they are more than capable of holding their own in melee combat, making them effective deterrents against would-be attackers.

Useful Cards:

Palace Guard in Action

Orko finds himself in peril as Trap Jaw has caught him off guard, and is preparing to unleash a devastating attack during his next turn. The situation looks bleak for the little Trollan, but maybe he’ll find a way to make it out safely?

The Palace Guard has arrived to provide assistance! The valiant defender swiftly moves to a hex adjacent to Orko, forcing Trap Jaw to redirect his attention towards him.

Trap Jaw unleashes a furious barrage of laser fire upon the Palace Guard, but to no avail. Orko steps in and enhances the guard's defense, rendering the attacks all but ineffective. As a result, Trap Jaw begins to regret his earlier decisions.

Fisto, Heroic Hand-to-Hand Fighter

In addition to the Palace Guards, the Masters of the Universe will be welcoming Fisto to the battle. Fisto is a highly resilient fighter with a unique advantage - his metal fist. Any pushes made with this weapon can activate overwatches and when Fisto uses his metal fist immediately after a move action, the cost of the attack is reduced by 1 AP to a minimum of 0. Additionally, any melee attacks made by Fisto after a move action gain 2 dice, making this combination of moves truly devastating. The only way to stop Fisto is to act quickly and engage him first.

Useful Cards:

Fisto in Action

Man-At-Arms and Stratos are on high alert, maintaining a vigilant overwatch for any sign of Skeletor's approach. However, the Master of Evil is far too cunning to fall into their trap, opting instead to stay in a secure corner and taunt them with his nefarious laugh. Little does he know, a surprise awaits him.

Fisto charges forward, striking Skeletor with incredible power and pushing him out of his hiding spot. Fisto's allies now activate their overwatches because of this push!

Stratos and Man-at-Arms unleash a barrage of intense gunfire upon the Lord of Evil, pummeling Skeletor with a relentless assault that he will not forget soon.

Hover Robots are always near!

Similar to the Masters of the Universe's Palace Guards, the Evil Warriors have their own group of formidable allies known as the Hover Robots. While they may not seem particularly impressive at first glance due to their fragility and inability to use weapons, these robots possess a unique advantage - incredible speed. Every one of their standard move actions utilize the jump rules, allowing them to effortlessly navigate any obstacles in their path and quickly reach their intended destination. Whether it's capturing objectives or engaging enemy ranged characters, the Hover Robots are a persistent and vexing presence that cannot be dismissed easily.

Hover Robots in action

Orko is keeping a close eye on an objective token, prepared to use his teleportation powers to stop any enemy attempts to claim it. However, he soon realizes that there is an unexpected element at play.

An ominous Hover Robot jumps over a nearby wall and makes its way towards Orko, clearly intent on engaging him. Although the robot's attacks are not particularly powerful, sticking close to Orko prevents him from using magic. To make matters even worse, the Hover Robot enters overwatch.

Orko attempted to withdraw and was struck by an attack of opportunity, resulting in a wound. Despite this setback, one might assume that Orko still will be able to defend the point. Not exactly.

The Hover Robot triggers its overwatch and relentlessly tracks down its designated target. Inevitably, Orko becomes engaged once again. This tenacious pursuit allows the other members of the Evil Warriors to securely capture an objective point, free from the threat of unexpected teleportations.

Webstor, Evil Master of Escape

Webstor is another much-needed addition to the ranks of the Evil Warriors. Whenever this evildoer sustains any damage, he can instantly jump up to four hexes, with no chance for an interruption. This constant evasion makes him a particularly challenging foe to eliminate, but that is not his only advantage. With his special buff, Webstor becomes untouchable from a distance greater than six inches, and all his flank attacks gain extra dice. He is a master of lurking in the shadows, waiting patiently for his opponents to make even the slightest error. Once they do, Webstor pounces swiftly and without mercy, leaving his enemies reeling from his sudden assault.

Useful Cards:

Webstor in Action

As He-Man confronts Webstor, he brandishes his legendary Sword of Power in preparation for a decisive strike. No ranged characters wish to be caught in such a predicament. However, Webstor is a challenging foe to pin down.

After taking damage from He-Man's mighty sword, Webstor activates his special ability, allowing him to execute an uninterruptible movement action and position himself behind He-Man. Now, it's time for Webstor to turn the tables and enact his revenge.

Thanks to the Power Blaster's unique ability to grant Webstor a free movement action following an attack, he strategically relocates himself in close proximity to the objective point. The battle is far from over, but He-Man realizes that victory may not come so easily after all.

The more, the merrier!

As the tradition goes, we want to remind you that you can purchase the newest expansions from our webstore or your FLGS. Contact our game designers through the BoardGameGeek website or our Facebook group if you have any questions.

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