Heavy Guns

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Heavy Guns

Heavy Guns

First, we witnessed the clash between the forces of good and evil. Then, we observed the formation of the Evil Horde, with more characters who will soon join their ranks. Yet, something else is drawing near, equipped with a devastating rocket launcher and heavy lasers. Battle Ram has arrived.

Armoured Vehicles of the Battleground

Prepare yourselves for the upcoming surge of expansions to the Masters of the Universe: Battleground! In this exciting wave, we unveil two new characters for the Evil Horde alongside an entirely new faction known as the Fighting Foe Men. Wait, what?! A new faction? Weren't you planning to introduce a vehicle to one of the existing factions? Allow me to clarify.

Fighting Foe Men

Dawg-O-Tor in his Battle Ram stands proudly as a member of the Fighting Foe Men. However, this faction works differently than the rest. While it can be played independently (though currently, it has only one character), the characters from this group can seamlessly integrate into any other faction! You have the freedom to employ the mighty Battle Ram in any force, be it the Masters of The Universe, Evil Warriors, or Evil Horde. A win-win situation for all!

Heavy Weapons

Battle Ram doesn’t use standard equipment. It would appear quite comical if such a mighty war machine were to unleash its full power using a mere pistol. Therefore, the Battle Ram and all other future vehicles will introduce a new type of weaponry known as Heavy Weapons and a new category of items called Modules. These specialised armaments and enhancements will ensure that the Battle Ram and its vehicular counterparts have the proper tools to dominate the battlefield.

Dawg-O-Tor in the Battle Ram

The Battle Ram stands proudly as the first vehicle to join Masters of the Universe: Battleground. Vehicles operate similarly to other massive models, but their powerful armour gives them remarkable resilience against melee and ranged attacks. The Battle Ram utilizes a unique skill that enables it to mark a location on the battlefield, unleashing a devastating barrage of damage upon any adversaries attempting to approach. With its iconic weapon, the Battle Ram can target an empty hex, inflicting harm upon all nearby foes while also obliterating a piece of terrain. Embrace the might of the Battle Ram as it ushers in a new era of unstoppable force onto the battleground.

Useful Cards:

Battle Ram in Action

With two vital points that need defending and only a single model to do this in the form of the Battle Ram, is there any hope that the enemy won’t claim them? Indeed, there is!

Decisive actions are taken. Dawg-O-Tor places a mark near one of the crucial points, setting a trap that awaits those who dare to claim it. But Dawg-O-Tor's tactical mastery doesn’t end there. He directs an attack towards an unoccupied hex, obliterating the wall obstructing the path to the second point.

Battle Ram advances towards its objective, triggering Man-At-Arms’ overwatch, but this warrior's puny weapon poses little threat to the mighty Battle Ram. The Masters of the Universe are unable to claim this objective.


Prepare for the imminent arrival of Leech! This character brings forth a unique item - an armour that grants him an additional point of toughness and mind for every two mana he possesses. But that's not all; Leech can siphon mana from his opponents. Whenever an adversary expends or loses mana, Leech absorbs a point of it for himself. This attribute appears enticing on paper and proves even more potent in practice, as it dissuades enemies from re-rolling their attack dice, unwilling to provide Leech with the added advantage of extra defence dice. Did I mention that Leech excels at scaling walls? Indeed, his climbing prowess adds another layer to his already impressive repertoire.

Useful Cards:

Leech in Action

Leech is Guarding an objective point.

He-Man advances, triggering Leech's overwatch. Leech swiftly seizes an opportunity by consuming a "Magic Potion," granting him two mana points. Empowered by this newfound energy, he employs a Net to drain mana from his opponent.

He-Man charges forward. Utilising his mana points, He-Man gains an additional die for his attack. Not content with the number of successes received, He-Man re-rolls two dice. He aims to defeat his opponent. However, with Leech amassing an abundance of mana, his survival in the face of this assault seems assured.


Prepare to be captivated by Scorpia, yet another fascinating character in our midst. Scorpia showcases an abundance of synergies with Horde Troopers and Wraiths. With remarkable agility, she can swiftly manoeuvre towards them, utilising their presence as a living shield—akin to the protective effect of Palace Guards. Moreover, her iconic weapon provides her minions the ability to interrupt opponents who fall victim to her attacks. The true power of Scorpia emerges when she is surrounded by her loyal sidekicks, rendering her a force to be reckoned with. However, when left to fend for herself, her best action is to run and find a safe haven. 

Useful Cards:

Scorpia in action

Scorpia sets her sights on reaching Orko. During her activation, she will only have two action points, but this is not a problem for her.

First, the Horde trooper making his action moves closer to the target.

Now it’s Scorpia’s time to shine! She makes a free move action to move towards the Horde Trooper.

Scorpia uses her first action point to engage Orko and her second to attack him. After the attack, she expends a point of mana to allow her trooper to launch another attack. The situation appears dire for the tiny wizard.

Destruction, Explosions and Scorpions

In keeping with tradition, we emphasise that the latest expansions will be available on our web store or your FLGS. Should you have any inquiries or require assistance, our game designers can be reached through the BoardGameGeek website or by joining our Facebook group. We are here to support you every step of the way and ensure your gaming experience is enjoyable and seamless.

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