The World of Deuslair: RPG Campaign


Reference: DNL0079
Category: Dungeons & Lasers
Producer: Archon Studio

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Length (mm): 305
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The echoes of the long-forgotten god grow louder and louder. As the forces of
Chaos rally, a group of unlikely heroes emerges, bearing the weight of a daunting
quest—to unite the world of Deuslair against the common threat.
Prepare for an epic RPG campaign that will take you on a journey where diplomacy
is as important as blades and spells. Convincing the divided rulers of Deuslair
to put aside their ancient grievances and unite against Chaos won’t be an easy task.
The book contains extensive and detailed information about the world of Deuslair.
Explore the floating islands of the Republic of Misty Waters, unravel corruption
eating out human nation of Dragsa, journey to the mysterious Banewood Asylum,
a refuge for human-beast hybrids that escaped the rule of the Undying Queen
Anara, or discover the intricacies of many other lands in this world.
Adventure awaits! Will you be the savior Deuslair needs, or will you let darkness
prevail and join their side?


- 287 pages
- hardcover
- Dark fantasy RPG campaign.
- Multiple different endings.
- Modular design - adjust story lenght and atmosphere.
- Challenge players' beliefs and morality.
- Complex descriptions of the world of Deuslair.
- 10+ unique regions in the world.



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