By the Power of Grayskull! - National Tournaments

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By the Power of Grayskull! - National Tournaments

Greetings, Champions of Eternia!

We are truly proud to announce a groundbreaking initiative by fans of Masters of the Universe: Battleground—the great grassroots initiative). Through the collaboration of local clubs and shops across Europe, we have decided to support the National Tournaments initiative in several European countries.
He-Man is calling you! Skeletor is once again trying to recruit you to execute his evil plans. Teela is still devoted to He-Man, and She-Ra calls on you to go with Swiftwind and fight the Evil Horde. Hordak also has plans for your future.
So, don't hesitate! Participate in the Masters of the Universe: Battleground Tournaments in Poland, Spain, and Germany. Prepare to face the best players in Europe, seize eternal glory, and win epic prizes. The rules are simple—participate in regional tournaments, emerge victorious, and then advance to the FINAL Tournament to win the 260 mm statue of He-Man. The prize's value is immense, as each country will have only one statue for the Champion!


The idea for the Tournament originated in Spanish, Polish, and German clubs, driven by the most epic players of all time. That's why the first-year tournaments will take place in these countries. Of course, you can contact us and organizers from the fandom to set up tournaments in your own country in the future. The schedule for upcoming tournaments is as follows:


  • Gniezno - December 2023

  • Poznań - January 2024

  • Piła - January 2024

  • Kraków - February 2024

  • Wrocław - March 2024

  • Gdynia - March 2024

  • Warszawa - April 2024

  • GRAND FINAL - Gniezno May 2024


  • Valencia - November 2023

  • Santander - February 2024

  • Bilbao - February 2024

  • Barcelona - March 2024

  • Madrid - May 2024

  • GRAND FINAL - Madrid - June 2024

More information about the German tournaments will be announced soon. We’re still working on it!


Every tournament needs to have a prize. The finals and the champions will be announced on the fandom groups. There is also a physical prize for the winners. In local and regional tournaments, you can win a promo model, champion mana tokens, plastic blue mana tokens for the first three places, and, of course, a pass to the grand final. Organizers have informed us that they would like to provide some extra prizes in some cities. The entry fee depends on the specific country and organization.
A few winners from the regional tournaments will get a pass to the final. The precise dates and hours of finals will be announced soon. In the grand final, you can win an epic, unique 260 mm tall statue of He-Man. It is a great honor because every country will receive only one model of this kind, and every year the model will be different.

Rules and Contacts - How to Join!

The main rules are based on Tournament rules from the MOTU: B Rulebook with some modifications. To take part in the tournament, you must have your own cards & faction models & tokens & dice. The list of places is limited.
List of Organizers -> you can directly join tournaments and get more information via these emails:


Fantasmagoria: - Artur

Tournament in Gniezno (Regional elimination tournament)


MOTU Battleground España - Andres

GERMANY: - Sebastian

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