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Explore the Core Sets of Dungeons & Lasers VI: Caves

Join us on an epic adventure as we delve into the mysterious and treacherous Caves of Deuslair with our latest campaign, Dungeons and Lasers VI: Caves, exclusively on Gamefound. We're excited to showcase a special gift for our followers: the Gelatinous Cube!

Gelatinous Cube (Followers Gift) - A Formidable Encounter

Prepare to face a formidable and fearsome Gelatinous Monstrosity within the depths of the Caves of Deuslair. This unique Cube boasts a clear plastic design with an estimated width of 50mm, and it holds an empty space inside, perfectly sized to accommodate a standard 32mm scale model.

Unveiling the Core Themes

Our team is hard at work finalizing the core sets for Dungeons & Lasers VI: Caves, each with its own captivating theme:

1. Rocky Caves Theme
Descend into the rocky heart of Deuslair's caves, where ancient stalactites hang above, walls are draped in spider webs, and dark secrets lurk in the shadows. The faint trickle of sunlight adds an ethereal glow to this mesmerizing world, where the rhythmic drips and earthy scents create an atmosphere that will enthrall adventurers.

2. Belly of the Beast Theme
Venture deeper into the belly of the beast, where organic corridors twist and turn. Shadows dance along the walls, blending with distant roars and a constant sense of discovery mixed with trepidation. In this darkness, every step brings excitement and danger, as parasitic beings and abominations reveal the secrets of Deuslair's Tarrasque.

3. Demonic Caves Theme
Near the territory conquered by the Forces of Chaos, sinister and demonic caves sprawl in a maze of shadowed corridors and malevolent whispers. Flickering torches cast eerie, dancing lights upon jagged walls, and the air grows thick with dread. Brave souls tread cautiously, drawn in and gripped by the chaotic forces lurking in the depths.

Versatility for Your Campaigns

Rest assured, each core set will be incredibly versatile, suitable for a wide range of RPG campaigns. The more "wild" and specialized designs are reserved for the subthemes, so you can expect to find something for every adventure.

Abundant Content Awaits

Our core sets are packed with content! Each set includes 13 sprues, with approximately 30 unique designs per set, providing you with more than 80 elements in each core set box. You'll have everything you need to create immersive and exciting adventures.

Don't miss out on this thrilling journey into the Caves of Deuslair! Be sure to click the Follow button on Gamefound project’s page to stay informed about our campaign and receive updates as we unveil more exciting details. Join us in the depths of Dungeons & Lasers VI: Caves – your next epic adventure awaits!

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