Miniature Expansions Unveiled!

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Miniature Expansions Unveiled!

Expand Your Collection with Dungeons & Lasers VI: Caves

In our previous blog posts, we laid out the groundwork for our upcoming campaign, detailing the core sets and subthemes that will form the foundation of Dungeons & Lasers VI: Caves. Now, we're excited to turn our attention to a crucial aspect of the campaign that miniature lovers will undoubtedly appreciate. We're thrilled to reveal more details on our brand-new miniature expansions. Each expansion is meticulously crafted to complement the main themes, promising to bring your underground adventures to life like never before.

Please Note: Given the campaign's focus on cave terrain, these expansions will not be included within the standard pledges. Instead, they'll be readily available in the add-ons section, ensuring that all who wish to enhance their gaming experience even further can easily do so.

Dive into the Details of Each Expansion:

Rocky Caves Theme
Silk & Steel: Goblins & Spiders Expansion

The industrious dwarves know no task too grand or difficult for their trusty hammers and picks. Over several generations, they dug out hundreds of miles of tunnels under Herenyakal to connect their capital, Hyste Talma, to the underground villages. But as the news from the deeper settlements grew sparse and more routes became sticky with unnaturally large webs, they knew that beyond the reach of their torches, something was looming in the darkness... There’s something out there, crawling in the endless mazes created by their own hands.

Within this addon, you'll find a versatile set of goblins, including a remarkably detailed model of their king, a pack of menacing cave spiders, and a little surprise that we're keeping under wraps for now. Get ready to face these cunning adversaries in your next subterranean quest!

Demonic Caves Theme
Demon's Domain: Skeletons & Imps Expansion

When death knocks on one’s door, desperate solutions become so tempting. But sometimes the cure can be worse than the disease. When the Disciples of Chaos attacked, countless kingdoms turned to summoning beings of greater power to defend themselves, without considering what these beings might demand in return nor where they came from. Now, the kingdoms lie in ruins and their citizens have become mere playthings until their bodies turn to dust. Sometimes, death can be a mercy.

This set introduces a variety of skeletons and imps, each with multiple poses for dynamic storytelling, alongside a formidable demon boss that promises to challenge even the most seasoned adventurers. Prepare to confront the demonic forces that lurk in the shadows!

Belly of the Beast Theme
Malevolent Menagerie: Evil-Eyes & Abominations Expansion

With great power comes great… problems. When the walls and floors change from your familiar rocks to flesh and bones, you are definitely in for more than what you signed up for. Whether it’s inside the bowels of a Tarrasque or within the cursed flesh from a reality beyond our own, one should not underestimate strange creatures lurking in these abnormal corridors. Especially when the walls literally have eyes.

This original and unique add-on features a collection of intimidating parasites, sinister evil eyes, and the terrifying Abomination boss. It's our most inventive expansion here, offering creatures that will inspire fear and fascination in equal measure.

Expanding the World of Deuslair… And making it fit with Other Worlds

We're excited to announce that all add-ons are designed to seamlessly integrate into and expand the lore of Deuslair. Additionally, the Dungeons & Lasers VI: Caves campaign will introduce an RPG supplement set in the enchanting world of Deuslair. But fear not, the models boast a universal design, making them perfect for a wide range of other RPG settings.

Mark Your Calendars - The Adventure Begins March 12th!

The unveiling of Dungeons & Lasers VI: Caves is just around the corner. Ensure you're ready to explore the depths by marking March 12th on your calendar. Follow us now and receive an exclusive Followers Gift that will add even more excitement to your underground expedition.


Your adventure into the depths awaits!

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