Preternian Heroes - mighty warriors and mystical dinosaurs

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Preternian Heroes - mighty warriors and mystical dinosaurs

Welcome back, everyone! We're now in the midst of the Masters of the Universe: Battleground campaign, and we're excited to introduce another faction you'll encounter. These heroes hail from the past, summoned to aid in banishing evil from the land. Fearless and determined, they're ready to defend the realm with all of their being. Right now, mighty warriors and mystical dinosaurs converge on the Battleground.

Preternian Heroes

The Preternian Heroes have arrived in Masters of the Universe: Battleground, bringing with them a unique playstyle. Unafraid to engage from the frontline, they grow stronger with every wound taken. With some skills to control the wounds they take, this faction proves to be both formidable and dangerous. The forces of evil must prepare to face them, as nothing can stop their advance. Seize control of wounds and gain the upper hand over your enemies.

King Grayskull

As the leader of the Preternian Heroes, he possesses the keenest toughness among all the heroes. Thanks to his skill, he remains on the board until the end of the round even when he reaches his wound limit. Additionally, the more wounds he sustains, the stronger he becomes. Upon reaching his fourth wound, he increases his speed and gains additional dice. When his iconic weapon comes into play, and King Grayskull reaches five wounds, he can interrupt the current activation. However, he isn't removed from the board like other heroes, so this allows you to bide your time and strike at the right moment.

Useful Cards:

King Grayskull in Action

King Grayskull receives his fifth wound from the adjacent He-Man. Normally, he should be removed from the board because he reached his wound limit, but his ability allows him to stay on the board until the end of the round.

King Grayskull wields his iconic King Axe. When he receives his fifth wound, he interrupts and performs an attack against He-Man, leaving him with 2 wounds.

When activating a King Grayskull with at least 4 wounds (in this case, 5 wounds), his speed increases. With the Immortal King ability active, you no longer need to worry about his wounds, as he will remain on the board until the end of the round. Therefore, he decides to disengage from He-Man, sustaining another 2 wounds, and attacks Stratos from his flank with extra dice, thanks to the Last Stand ability.


She provides magical damage and support to your force. This Hero has the skills to escape from dangerous situations. With the Magic of Sharing ability, she can place her buff on an ally, allowing any wounds taken by Veena to be passed to the hero with her buff. This ability can be useful in many situations, especially when you need to transfer wounds to your King Grayskull. Her second ability allows her to teleport to the hero with her buff, ending her activation but also providing overwatch, which can be very helpful.

Useful Cards:

Veena in Action

Veena goes first and is adjacent to Tri-Klops. She uses her Magic Sharing skill on King Grayskull, meaning any wounds taken by Veena can now be passed to King Grayskull.

Next, she decides to move and disengage from Tri-Klops, giving him the opportunity to perform an attack. However, Mer-Man faces a dilemma because if he inflicts any wounds on Veena and she passes them to King Grayskull, the effect from King Axe will be activated, causing King Grayskull to interrupt his attack.


Zodac is a ranged damage dealer in this faction. He can utilize spells and ranged weapons, making him incredibly flexible. However, he truly excels with ranged weapons. His Bravery ability allows him to increase their range based on the number of wounds Zodac has. But that's not all—his other ability enables him to apply a chosen buff or debuff. Will you use it on an enemy or an ally? It all depends on your choice.

Useful Cards:

Zodac in Action

Stratos was positioned safely 9 inches away from Zodac, aware of Zodac's ranged weapon with a range of 8 inches. Now, Zodac applies a knockdown debuff and a swiftness buff to him using his skill.

Next, he plays a fate card that allows him to take 1 wound from an ally and place it on himself. Now, his Precision ability increases the range of his weapon by 2 inches, bringing Stratos within range. And now he's in range without needing to use a move action. Nice!


He-Ro is a versatile warrior, adept at frontline combat and providing ranged support, particularly when accompanied by a dinosaur ally. With three iconic weapons at his disposal, he can dynamically shift your strategy from defensive to aggressive, depending on the situation. He becomes a formidable adversary by transferring some of the wounds he receives to his dinosaur ally, compelling enemies to prioritize their attacks or devise strategies to separate them. His second ability, enabling him to take wounds instead of losing buffs, enhances his survivability and support capabilities, making him a valuable asset in challenging scenarios.

Useful Cards:

He-Ro in Action

Skeletor utilizes the Magic Feather to strip away the protection from Bionatops. However, He-Ro's Once More ability intervenes, enabling him to take 1 wound instead of losing the buff entirely.

Now empowered by He-Ro's intervention, Bionatops carries only 1 wound but retains the protective buff, offering him a shield against further harm.

He-Ro II

He-Ro II emerges as a formidable ranged hero equipped with robust defensive skills. Foes must exercise caution when engaging him, as his Bravery skill grants a protective buff if he sustains 2 wounds following an attack. Additionally, his second skill enables him to exert control over a dinosaur ally, presenting a potent combination for wreaking havoc on the battlefield through coordinated attacks and ranged damage.

Useful Cards:

He-Ro II in Action

He-Man is actively contesting an objective but now faces an assault from He-Ro II, leaving him with 4 wounds.

With one action remaining, He-Ro II utilizes the Tamer skill, selecting Bionatops as his ally. Bionatops advances towards He-Ro II and stops adjacent to He-Man and the obstacle. Using his Dinosaur Ram skill, Bionatops shatters nearby obstacles, resulting in himself and He-Man sustaining 1 wound each. He-Man is incapacitated, while Bionatops successfully seizes control of the objective.


Eldor is yet another hero centered around spells and inflicting wounds. This hero possesses a unique skill that grows in strength as more wounds are inflicted among the heroes on the battlefield. Therefore, timing is crucial when activating Eldor to unleash his full potential.
In dire situations, Eldor also possesses an escape tool through another skill, allowing him to slip away even when faced with enemies in close proximity.

Useful Cards:

Eldor in Action

He-Man seizes the initiative and launches an assault on Eldor, inflicting a total of 3 wounds. Eldor finds himself in a precarious position.

Eldor employs his "Hey, Behind you!" skill in a daring move, opting for teleportation over conventional movement. With a flash of magic, he materializes behind He-Man, executing a devastating flank attack that deals 2 wounds.

With the number of wounds in play now at 5, Eldor unleashes his Eldritch Spell skill, giving He-Ro an overwatch and a focus. The trap is set, leaving He-Man cornered and vulnerable.


Bionatops is a character unlike any other, boasting a massive model and unique rules that set him apart on the battlefield. His distinct abilities allow for strategic interaction with certain skills, granting him a versatile role in combat. One such skill enables him to "share" his weapon with adjacent characters, offering a cost-saving advantage when assembling your army. However, clustering multiple characters can make them vulnerable to area-of-effect attacks, so caution is advised.

Additionally, Bionatops possesses an invaluable frontline skill in battle: the ability to demolish obstacles. This capability can be a game-changer, opening pathways or disrupting enemy formations. Yet, the decision to use it must be made judiciously, as doing so inflicts a wound upon Bionatops himself.

Useful Cards:

Bionatops in Action

Stratos takes cover behind an obstacle, shielding himself from potential attacks. However, during Bionatops' activation, he charges towards the obstacle and unleashes his Dinosaur Ram skill, shattering the barrier. The force of the impact causes both He-Man and Bionatops to sustain 1 wound each.

With the obstacle gone, Bionatops can now freely attack Stratos, who was previously shielded behind it.

Preternian Heroes in Eternia

The Gamefound campaign is still underway. Remember to follow our page for the latest updates and stay in the loop! Have any questions? Feel free to contact us through the BoardGameGeek page, our Facebook group, or in the comments section on the Gamefound page!

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