Budget-friendly wargaming terrain

Create complete tabletop setting for your wargame in a minutes

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Budget friendly

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Customization bits included

Made of hard plastic

It's really cool that you can remove pieces and rebuild it depending on what game you're playing.
Squidmar Miniatures
I really wanted to create this massive industrial kind of factory wasteland. I wanted a Death Guard inspired set of ruins... [...] and I decided that these were the best fit for me.
Black Magic Craft
For a Killteam or a Warcry size board I think that's a perfect price point for the terrain that's modular, that you can literally set up a bunch of different ways.
Rob Baer
Spikey Bits
It is basically like a huge gothic sci-fi terrain Lego kit, it is wonderful to play with.
Warren Johnson

Various styles to choose

Rampart will fit perfectly into every game setting, thanks to four different styles to choose from. Each of these styles was designed to fit both science-fiction and fantasy environments.

Save money on terrain

Rampart’s main principle is that Wargaming terrain should cost less than the models played in the game. With Rampart, you can decorate your whole battle table with consistent scenery at a fraction of the cost of your army. Affordable, of high quality, and looks fabulous – all in one neat package.

Pegs & magnets ready

Rampart can be set up in a near-limitless number of combinations using plastic pegs (included on the sprues) and/or 5 mm magnets (not included).

You can quickly and effortlessly (dis)assemble your kit for transport or pack it away for the next encounter.

Stylish miniatures included

Rampart comes with additional bonus models for your tabletop. Designed to fit all themes, they will look fabulous on your wargaming table.

Vertical gameplay

With Rampart, you can create multiple floors. Columns and walls can be easily stacked on top of each other. Each floor can hold plenty of infantry, including a whole mob of Orks!

High quality plastic

Terrain that will endure all battles. And even more! Rampart is made using HIPS and delivered on sprues.

Customize it

Thanks to customization bits added to every set, every wall can look different. You can use plugs with architecture, create your own objective markers with statues and other kinds of extra objects.

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We've loved miniatures ever since we were kids.

We grew up with tabletop games and we have since decided to make our own. Archon Studio is dedicated to creating amazing games and miniatures, challenging ourselves with more complex and detailed designs with every project.

Our community is the lifeblood of Archon, receiving funds directly from our fans through crowdsource funding. Project after project, we create models in high quality plastic and resin, making them worth painting and assembling.

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