Vanguard of War (VoW) is a 1-4 player game focused on the defense of a small church deep inside the decaying ruins of a once great city now known only as “the Whispers.” Players will use their heroes to hold the line against seemingly endless waves of demons while their allies inside the church desperately attempt to learn how to use the fel army's own doomsday weapon against them.

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Online only
Contains: Vanguard of War core game + Delta Squad Expansion + All unlocked stretch goals!This pledge does not include shipping. You will be asked to confirm your choice and pay for shipping via Pledge Manager. Details here KS PAGE 
Online only
Contains: Vanguard of War core game + Early Bird Pale Rider Expansion + Delta Squad Expansion + Chaos Expansion + Fallen Expansion + Harbinger Expansion + Darkness Expansion + Madness Expansion + Spawn Expansion + VoW Artbook + All unlocked stretch goals! + Free shipping worldwide Details here KS PAGE 
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