MOTU: Battleground Wave 7 - The Great Rebellion

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MOTU: Battleground Wave 7 - The Great Rebellion

The Great Rebellion

The fourth faction has joined Masters of the Universe: Battleground. Players now have the opportunity to command She-Ra and her allies in the battle against the forces of evil. Leading the Great Rebellion can be challenging, but in the right hands, this faction can be remarkably effective. The Great Rebellion relies heavily on strategically casting buffs and consuming them when they’re no longer needed. Planning ahead for the entire round is essential, as there is little margin for error. The Great Rebellion also offers another unique mechanic that could turn the tide of battle in their favor.

Ultimate Skills

Each member of The Great Rebellion possesses a unique fate card tailored to them. These cards grant exclusive bonuses that can only be utilized by the corresponding character. Known as ultimate skills, these bonuses surpass the power of their standard abilities, providing an advantage on the battlefield.

Magic Forests

In this expansion, we unveil a new terrain type: magic forests. These low obstacles possess a unique quality, permitting the active character on the adjacent hex to expend mana to teleport to another hex adjacent to the magic forest. The addition of new battlegrounds within the expansion opens up countless opportunities to catch opponents off guard with unexpected movements.


Armed with her iconic Sword of Protection, She-Ra is an unexpectedly resilient character. Like her brother, she doesn't acquire mana from fate and glory cards; instead, she gains it whenever her allies receive a buff. This unique ability enables her to accumulate mana outside her activation, providing a strategic advantage. She can utilize this mana to bolster her defenses with additional dice. However, She-Ra's prowess extends beyond mere defense. She has the ability to absorb buffs from her allies and unleash a devastating strike, capable of impressing He-Man himself.

Useful Cards:

She-Ra in Action

She-Ra takes the lead and acts as the first character in the round but cannot reach the objective. Is this the end of the line for She-Ra, who is left vulnerable to attacks and unable to make progress? Not quite. She still has a few tricks up her sleeve. First, she employs her ultimate skill to acquire a buff, granting her additional dice in defense tests. To accomplish the rest of her objectives, She-Ra will require a little help…


Glimmer takes on the crucial role of supporting her allies. Is her friend facing trouble? No problem; simply render them invisible and put their worries to rest. Is an enemy obstructing the objective? Swiftly teleport them away! And if an ally lacks the movement to reach the objective? Did I mention that Glimmer's teleportation abilities extend to her allies as well? While Glimmer may not excel in direct combat, her support abilities are a force to be reckoned with. Oh, and one more thing: regardless of the card played, she can always activate with an initiative of ten.

Useful Cards:

Glimmer in Action

Glimmer to the rescue! She casts her iconic spell to teleport She-Ra closer to the objective.

Using her ultimate skill, Glimmer teleports to Bow and casts the power of friendship and invisibility on him. By generating three buffs, she also grants She-Ra three points of mana.


Bow stands as the primary damage dealer of the Great Rebellion, his iconic weapon growing in strength with each accumulated buff. That's right—Bow has the exceptional ability to maintain multiple buffs simultaneously. Furthermore, he can expend one of these buffs to gain an extra action point. Despite initial appearances, underestimating Bow can lead to significant trouble for any opponent.

Useful Cards:

Bow in Action

Bow starts his activation by utilizing the wrap item to preserve his invisibility buff. With two buffs in his possession, he can confidently confront the Horde Trooper. His initial attack inflicts two wounds.

Bow sacrifices his invisibility buff to acquire an additional action point, enabling him to launch another attack. The Horde trooper is swiftly vanquished.


Angella may seem an unlikely frontline fighter, especially with only four wounds to her name. However, a crucial detail sets her apart—Angella can heal herself and her allies. There's a catch, though: she can only do so when activated with a low enough initiative. Her iconic sword also becomes more powerful the lower her initiative, so choosing a proper activation card will be the key to victory!

Useful Cards:

Angella in Action

She-Ra is wounded, but Angella is prepared to lend her aid. Stepping forward, she slashes at a Grizzlor before invoking her Selfless Leader ability to bestow regeneration upon She-Ra.

But the battle is far from over. Angella unleashes her ultimate skill, granting She-Ra the opportunity to activate once more! She activates with a card that removes debuffs and then utilizes the buffs of Glimmer and Bow to unleash devastating damage upon Grizzlor.


Castaspella is the primary mage within the ranks of the Great Rebellion. Ideally activated last in the round, she excels in providing her teammates with additional mana. Interestingly, she doesn't heavily rely on this resource herself, as when buffed, all her spells and active abilities cost one mana less. With her iconic disc enabling free re-rolls, she emerges as one of the game's most formidable spellcasters.

Useful Cards:

Castaspella in Action

Castaspella starts her activation as the last character in the round.

Utilizing her 'Magic for All' ability, Castaspella achieves three successes, distributing two mana to Glimmer and one to Bow. Following this, she casts 'Three Moons Presence,' a spell that sacrifices buffs from allies in exchange for additional mana and focus. Now the Great Rebellion is ready for the next round.


When it comes to halting enemy melee fighters, Frosta is your go-to character. She can interrupt any enemy within a twelve-inch range who activated with an initiative of seven or higher. Moreover, with her Ice Spell, she can effectively slow down the movement of interrupted characters. One might wonder if this ability could be easily circumvented by using cards with lower initiative. In theory, yes, but in practice, it isn’t easy, as Frosta can spend mana to alter the initiative on those cards.

Useful Cards:

Frosta in Action

The Horde player plays a card with an initiative of five, while the Great Rebellion player plays a card with an initiative of six. Sensing the opportunity, Frosta employs her ability to elevate the initiative of her opponent's card to seven, thus enabling her to interrupt the Horde Trooper's activation.

Frosta unleashes her spell, targeting a trooper. With the aid of two additional action points granted by her ultimate skill, she launches another attack. The first trooper is gone. Now, Frosta can commence her activation and confront the second adversary.

Princesses of Power

Very soon, this expansion will be available on our web store and your FLGS. Do you have any questions?  You can reach us through the BoardGameGeek website or by joining our Facebook group. We are here to ensure your gaming experience is enjoyable and seamless.

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