Battleground on the beach in Cannes!

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Battleground on the beach in Cannes!

Battleground on the beach in Cannes!

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Hordak arrives at the “Festival des Jeux Cannes 2023”! We are happy to announce that on February 24-26, Legion Distribution will represent at the earlier mentioned festival. Look for Wave 4 and a promo mini of Hordak on Mantisaur in the miniatures and wargames area at stand L3.06.

Team Hordak

Get acquainted with what awaits you on the battlefield! Wave 4 introduces "minor characters" - Horde Troopers and Wraiths as well as the most popular heroes - Hordak, Catra, Grizzlor, and Shadow Weaver. We also have some tree terrain ready for you that’ll diversify the battlefield.

The author of the game - Jacek Karpowicz - presented the content and mechanics of Wave 4 in detail in the following entries:

If you are interested in organizing a tournament, be sure to check out the entry about the Tournament Pack:

Hordak on cyberbeast - the whole Horde benefits!

Hordak saw a huge praying mantis on Beast Island and had his minions capture it. The mantis defeated a squad of Horde Troopers, but was eventually captured, turned into a cyber beast and became Hordak's prized mount, the Mantisaur. And what a catch it was! The cybernetic creature's unique abilities have given the Leader of the Evil Horde the power to more effectively command his troops, allowing him to extend the effects of his trinkets to all of his minions. Now, the whole army can use jet packs or get free overwatches with the Wheel of Infinity! When Hordak rides his Mantisaur into battle, it brings a whole new level of excitement to the game for both players!

If you have any questions or comments, please visit our Board Game Geek page and our Discord channel.

Get Archon bestsellers

In addition to the fact that you can order our products through our online shop, they will, of course, also be available at Cannes! Add your favorite dragons or terrain to the Horde boxes!

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